Robert Henri Museum                     Open May 1 to October 31

218 East 8th St.                                          noon to 5:00pm

Cozad NE 69130                                   Tuesday through Saturday

(308) 784-4154

(308) 529-1442 during the off season 

During the off-season when the museum is closed and if you're a fan of Henri, interested in all the museum has to offer concerning Henri, his life and art, please call one of the numbers listed on the door.Thank you.


Come see the historic home of Robert Henri. Private appointments are available upon request.


From the Director:


Some know exactly why they're here – they want to actually feel the presence, the soul, if you will, of Robert Henri.    Knowing the brilliance of Henri, they feel the need to walk through the building, touch the surfaces of the original wainscoting wall panels throughout the house or look at the tin ceiling in the lobby. 


Imagine the sense of unreality of just walking up and down the stairs in this former home, strolling through the bedroom where he and his brother slept, to know the family ate in the dining room as it still is now – all these things become a step back in time and fill the visitor with a sense of awe.


Others are drawn on a lazy summer day for no reason at all; maybe having seen the sign “Robert Henri Museum” on Interstate exit 222 on previous trips, deciding it was a good place to stop and take a break and now thanks to this website, more and more people are planning their vacations with a stop here in mind.

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