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From the Executive Director:

Welcome to the Robert Henri Museum & Historical Walkway.  My name is Jan Patterson and I'm the Executive Director and a transplanted Northern Californian musician fortunate enough to have the job of running the former home of Robert Henri.


This was the home for a period of approximately ten years of Robert Henry Cozad who would later, by circumstances beyond his control, find it necessary to change his name to Robert Earle (later dropped) Henri (pronounced as Hen-rye since, growing up in the mid-west, he never learned French, so he thought that was how it was pronounced). 


His father, John Jackson Cozad, a gambler and entrepreneur, founded the town of Cozad, NE. John sent for his wife, Theresa Gatewood Cozad, his older son John Anthony Cozad and young Robert (always called “Bob” by the family) Henry Cozad.  For a time, the boys lived in Cozad only during summer school break since their mother wanted them to have the best education possible. They attended the Chickering Classical and Scientific Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.


While visiting the museum, we need to know if a visitor touring the museum is familiar with Henri and why they decided to stop at this grand old building, ca. 1872-73.


Those interested in doing research on Henri will be amazed at the plethora of material available to them and are encouraged to make themselves at home to do further research on their own. They can take photographs, they can spend as much time as they wish and come back another day, they are our guests after all.


Regarding research? Well, there is so much mystery surrounding Robert Henri, his brother, who changed his name to Frank Southrn (correct spelling), and his family in general that you’ll find contradictions in every book.


We try to be as accommodating as possible and I think you'll find the town of Cozad welcoming. I personally walk the guests back out to the cars as I would any visitor.


This museum, this dream, this former home, renovated over and over, is a part of Cozad’s history; a part of Robert Henri and the man he would eventually become and the changes he made in the art world. 

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