June 2: Artist Reception, Fred Cowie
June 25: Robert Henri Arts Festival
July 1: Artist Reception, Cory Koch
August 4: Movie Under the Stars
August 5: Artist Reception, Beth Cole
September 1: Artist Reception, Bryon Line
September 9-11: Hay Days
December 2-3: Holidays at the Henri



Roberta (Bert) Leaverton


Less than six weeks after my Dad’s death in the winter of 2002, I was activated with the 530th Military Police Battalion from Omaha, Nebraska, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  I had less than 48 hours to report to a unit I was not familiar with, gear packed and ready to deploy to a very unstable country, Iraq.  My husband was already in route to Bosnia leaving the very day I got my call.

While still in the States, I started a journal, which continued most of my deployment. I wanted to preserve as much as possible; I felt I was making history. My journal along with my camera became the closest thing to my soul. When going out on missions, I would leave a magazine of ammo back in my quarters just to slip my camera in my ammo pouch. My camera soon became as much as a part of daily wear as my dog tags.

My journal and photographs made in Iraq were the point of departure for my series, “Tour of Duty: Iraq.” In these 1/35th scale models I have created and photographed my year of boots on the ground. The images are a symbolic representation of what occurred during this time in my life.  The process of creating this work has truly served as therapy for me, a combat veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.       

           Bert Leaverton was born and raised in Dawson County and graduated from Cozad High School in 1978. After high school, she joined the Army National Guard and remained affiliated with the Army and Army Reserve for more than twenty years. Throughout her life, photography has remained her passion. Bert’s deployment to Iraq in 2003-2004 allowed her to return with hundreds of photographs, documenting history through her eyes. 

In 2010, Bert returned to school and in 2014, she graduated with high honors from Metro Community College, Elkhorn, Nebraska, with an Associate’s Degree in Commercial Still Photography.  Bert lives with husband, James Leaverton and Mom, Alice Cunningham outside of Weeping Water, Nebraska.

Her current work, “Tour of Duty: Iraq,” is a series of dioramas in 1/35th scale that depict the realities of war with images of “soldiers” in various scenarios. 


Artist in Residence

Thomas Dimock

Tom was born in Omaha, the first of ten children. His father

was a dentist who served in the Navy. His mother was an artist.

He was a Navy brat moving from Wisconsin to California and

beyond. The family finally settled down in Rapid City, South

Dakota. His earliest artistic influence, besides his mother and

aunt, was his father’s cousin, a famous Seattle artist. Prior

service in the Navy finished, he received his BFA from the Art

Center in Pasadena. After graduation, he worked as a freelance

Illustrator and continued painting. Later he graduated with an

MFA in multimedia design from the University of Minnesota.

He then worked full-time as an illustrator and graphic

designer. He is known for his fine art developed in seriesform

with diverse themes. Through art commissions, he does

scientific and botanical illustration. His paintings win awards.

Artist Statement 

My work is influenced by the Impressionist and the Romantics Claude Lorrain, Delacroix, and Turner with roots in the Modern Art of Matisse, Robert Henri and Thomas Hart Benton. I push beyond representationalism and explore new ideas, methods, points of view with a basic abstract foundation.

Each of my paintings begins with a strong sense of the present holding true to the reason I was attracted to the subject. I build my image, choosing medium, method, color, values, and composition.

My approach is direct with conscious strokes conveying what I want to communicate.



Artist-in-Residence John Groesser:  


John Groesser was fortunate to grow up on a farm near

Weeping Water, NE. He graduated from Dana College with a BS in accounting and married his college sweetheart, Dodi.


He started working with Union Pacific and then began a 36 year career with PotashCorp. Working in mine sites in NE, IL, VI and NC, he served in Accounting, Human Resources, Safety and Materials Management.


Now after 3 years of retirement, John is happily pursuing his passion for art. He credits well-know artists, Kevin Macpherson as his beginning mentor in painting en plein air in 2000.


His new office is the great outdoors where he captures “the good life” en plein air on canvas.


A few years ago on an art study museum trip through NC, he came across a great painting by Robert Henri and instantly became a fan. Since then he purchased many books regarding Robert and studied his style. “I love the brush work, color and instructions of this great artist. “I could sit, study and wonder at Robert’s work for hours.” John attended the Robert Henri exhibit in Charlotte, NC many times when Henri’s work was on display. But what a surprise, while driving from Denver to Minden one day, to see the sign on I-80 that read…’Robert Henri Museum’. He turned around and went back to validate it was the same Robert Henri that he admired so much. ‘IT WAS!!!” What a great tribute to a great Artist.


“I’m excited to be in Cozad for the month of June.


“I’m excited to learn more about Robert Henri and why and how his painting style was influenced by those early growing up years in the plains of NE.


“I’m excited to help the Robert Henri Museum and to share what I know and understand more about Robert Henri.


“I’m excited about “’painting’ in Cozad, both people and places.


“I’m excited to come home to NE, to the good life, if for only one month.” John Grosser, Artist.


 Marvin Berryman: Behind the oftentimes self-deprecating demeanor lives an exceptional talent, hiding but ready to whip out his pen, pencil, brush or any medium of artistic expression. This former Cozad resident will be our July artist-of-the month and will be the first to exhibit his work in the new Robert Henri Museum Art Gallery.



Kjell Cronn



Kjell Cronn was born in North Platte, Neb., and raised in Cozad. Having inherited the busy imagination of his father, Keith, grandmother, Doris, as well as his maternal grandfather, architect Myron E. Jensen, he was encouraged in his drawing and building from childhood onward. 

He began forming a notable college art career at the University of Kansas, and then  the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, winning the Howard Award Fellowship as well as the Vreelend Award Fellowship, and the Hazel V. Emely Award Fellowship. Next, to the San Francisco Art Institute, for the terminal degree in studio art, the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) which he earned in 1996.


Jake Scott 


Jake Scott is an extremely talented photographer from Achill, Mayo, Ireland. He’s consented to exhibit his photography in September of 2014.  I hope the visitors next year who come to the museum will enjoy his work of the land Henri loved as much as I have. In 2015 Jake and I have something REALLY BIG planned but we’ll keep it a secret for now.  Below is an example of his work.



Past Exhibits


Robert Henri Museum Visiting Artist Gallery


Susan Hart



Creativity is not a separate act, but an integral part of being.  Creating art is not just something I do, but a manner in which I live.   It is about finding beauty in the mundane, each day observing the world as if I have never seen it before. I have always been intrigued with shape, color, line and texture. Using a mix of media within a non–objective/abstract theme allows me to explore those things while creating my art.


My work is reflective of what I enjoy most, the creative process, it is much more than gluing down my stained papers into a pleasing design. It is about building layers and bringing out the beauty in the mundane.  It is about the journey I enter when I approach my paper and bring to light what is intrinsic.  It is time with God, an act of worship.  The final layers of the process are added through community, conversations brought through the eyes of the viewer that expose layers of ideas and meaning that are new to me. . I am fascinated with how the viewer relates to my work.  It is through this dialog and relationship building that my creativity grows and flourishes.


Caleb Groves

This is the first artist-in-residence the museum has hosted since the 1980s and we hope to have great community participation starting in July. His name is Caleb Groves, a Hastings College student who will be graduating in 2014 and lives in Blue Hill, NE. He'll bring his talent to the museum in many mediums to work with all age groups, the school, the town and the Wilson Library. He's a gifted artist with many ideas tp share. More on Caleb later. We were able to have this program thanks to a grant from Union Pacific Railroad. U.P. has always been a generous benefactor to the Henri Museum - this is just another example of our putting in a request and having a positive response from them.


Roberta Barnes


Roberta Barnes, a native of Nebraska, lives with her husband on a ranch in the middle of the Sandhills at the edge of the Nebraska National Forest, Halsey, NE. The artist maintains her studio at this location along with teaching at Stapleton Public School since 1998.


Barnes received her Bachelor’s degree from Concordia College, Seward, NE, in art and elementary education. After graduating in 1979, she taught art for four years. In 1984, the artist moved to Greeley, CO with her husband and entered a graduate program at the University of Northern Colorado, taking graduate courses through 1987. Following a return to Nebraska in 1988, she started her professional career along with raising four boys. Barnes returned to her original teaching position in 1998, where she still teaches.


The artist works in oil painting, pastel, prismacolor, clay and fibers. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and has received numerous awards. She is currently a member of Impact, the Art of Nebraska, Wild Rose Gallery, Broken Bow, Nebraska, Burkholder Gallery,  Lincoln, NE.



Nicole Rowe Fowler

Artist, Nickie Rowe Fowler lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband John and four children. Nickie grew up on a farm near Cozad, Nebraska and graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in French & Psychology.  She first realized her love of painting in junior high and has enjoyed working in the abstract ever since.  She has exhibited and sold her work in and around Denver for the past 10 years and currently works on a commissioned basis.  Visit Nickie on her Facebook page: Nickie Fowler Original Art.



Patrick Kikut

Welcome Patrick Kikut from Laramie, WY as the Robert Henri Museum’s latest guest artist in the gallery upstairs. This is what Patrick says of his work:
Goodbye to Greenhill  is composed of eight oil-on-canvas paintings (19x39 inches framed). The images are derived from gravestone rubbings from the Greenhill Cemetery that was located across the street from my old Laramie, WY studio. My intention was to use imagery from the headstones to create a narrative that reflects the importance our culture places on landscape, animals, adventure and motorized vehicles. To show a progression (and give a sense of narrative) the canvasses transition from light chromatic grays to darker values. Also, the imagery moves from landscapes, to landscapes with animals and onto open spaces featuring trucks, capers and snowmobiles. As I was painting this body of work, I realized that the images on the headstones were a lot like the images on bumper stickers and hats worn by folks in this region. I see the engraved images as final bumper stickers that speak both to the individual and to the collective values of this particular community.

June 1-July 4

Bob Adams

Wood Turning
Robert M. (Bob) Adams
My first experience of lathe work and wood turning was in 1945 in shop class in high school. I loved  it. It wasn't until 1990 I again used a wood lathe when my son, Harry Adams, invaded my house with his wood lathe. Not long after that I invested in my own lathe and since then I have turned over 500 pieces, including lamps, platters, bowls, boxes, goblets, music boxes, vases, etc. I have given away many pieces to my children, grandchildren and other relatives and friends. One piece of ash, aspen and blood wood had a total of 283 pieces, the most so far. All my turnings are clear finished which shows the natural color of the wood. I now have wood turnings on display in Prairie Winds Art Gallery in Grand Island, NE.
When asked, "How do you do that?" I tell them I start with a tree. I kid folks and tell them, it probably saved mymarriage. Every time my wife gets fire in her eyes - I head for my dog-house and make lots of sawdust and shavings. It is a great hobby for me and I'll probably do it as long as I'm able.

July 4- Mid August

Jorn C. Olsen

In 1997, Jorn purchased his first digital camera and became enthralled with the possibilities of digital photography.  In January 2005, he purchased a wide format color printer and began printing large photographs for friends, who encouraged him to market his work.  The photographs of the unusual and spectacular Mammatus Cloud formation (below), he captured on June 12, 2004 have brought him a great deal of notoriety.  Most of Jorn's photographs are from Nebraska, but in recent years he has expanded his collection past the borders of Nebraska.  He has recently published a book entitled "Across a Wide Horizon" which will be available for purchase during this time.  For more information about Jorn Olsen and his works, visit his web page at:  http://www.jornolsen.com/

Mid August - Sept. 30

Patrick Kikut

Patrick was raised in a small beach town in Southern California. He left California in 1987 and lived and worked throughout the West. Patrick earned a BFA from University of Colorado in 1990 and went on to earn his MFA in 1994 from the University of Montana.
He is currently living, working and teaching at the University of Wyoming as an Academic Professional. Recurring themes in his work come from extensive highway travel. Traveling allows Patrick to access into compelling landscapes, stories, and cultures.   His exhibit will feature a kind of narrative that was derived from doing gravestone rubbings in the Greenhill Cemetery in Laramie, Wyoming.  For more information about Patrick, visit his web page at: http://www.uwyo.edu/art/faculty/patrick_kikut.html



Doug Waterfield, Associate Professor of Art and chair of the department of art and art history at the University of Nebraska at Kearney is showing 15 works at the Robert Henri Museum, from May 31 until June 30th.  The abstract works represent a five year exploration into pictorial symbolism, dealing with subjects ranging from the Last Supper, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the expressiveness of human handwriting.  The works were produced from 2003-2008 and range in media from printmaking to works in watercolor and pastel.  The works are available for purchase.
Waterfield has shown his work nationally for the past 25 years. He is currently also exhibiting at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a show of eleven paintings at the National Nuclear Science Museum in Albuquerque, NM until December 31. His work is accessible on the web at

July - Mid August

Our second visiting artist of the season is Laurie Albin of the Albin Studio in WaKeeney, Kansas.  Laurie Price Albin has been painting professionally for 33 years, receiving her art degree at Hastings College. From working as a medical illustrator, teaching K-12 art, to years of freelance artwork, Laurie has always gone through life with the artist's perspective of possibility, in everything.  Laurie has had numerous one woman exhibits across the midwest, and is a signature member of the Kansas Watercolor Society and Georgia Watercolor Society. Portrait and other custom commission works, outdoor and interior murals, and full time teaching compliment her family life.  For any further information and viewing of her work, go to www.albinstudio.com.

Laurie's works will be on display in the Visiting Artist Gallery at the Robert Henri Museum throughout the month of July until the middle of August.

Mid August - End of the Season

 The third visiting artist is Brett Erickson.  Brett is an Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Hastings College and was the supervisor of the new website update for the Robert Henri Museum.  Brett is also a landscape photographer. For more information about Brett Erickson please visit his biography page on the Hastings College Website: Brett Erickson.  

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