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Just so no one forgets how hard a handful of Cozad residents worked in putting together what ultimately became the Robert Henri Museum & Historical Walkway, these photos, taken in 1984 & 1985 by Della Hendricks, show…upper left back row: Barbara Landercasper, Marvel Brunk, Biggie Young, Mildred Umshler and Betty McKeone. Front row: Louie Landercasper, Bruce Hart, a KOLN newsman and Shirley Paulsen. The bottom left photo has two unidentified workers and (on the ladder) Barbara Landercasper removing old wallpaper from upstairs. The woman on the right is Betty McKeone who only recently resigned from the Board of Directors. If you see the museum now, you can truly appreciate their hard work and the work of many not shown here.


Discovering Henri's childhood home


Robert Henri Museum and Historical Walkway was the childhood home of the great American artist Robert Henri for ten years of his life. Henri’s father, John Jackson Cozad founded the town of Cozad around 1872 and designed the home.


The home housed the Cozad family as well as served as a combination room and board to accommodate settlers who arrived by train until other lodging was available. The family lived in the home for 10 years; Henri was almost 18 when a shooting forced the family to move out of town in 1883.


The building is now listed in the National Historical Register and is now a museum that houses some of Robert Henri’s original works as well as many hard to find prints.


There is also a great deal of research on Cozad genealogy dating back to the 1500s available to the general public. The museum is open from June through September; private tours are available upon request.


Researching at Robert Henri Museum

There are two parts to the research area in the Robert Henri Museum and Historical Walkway. The first part contains a comprehensive file of over 200 slides of Robert Henri’s paintings.


On hand there are a large number of reference books detailing Henri’s life and art. Some of these are out of print and available under supervision.

The museum also boasts a compilation of many post cards and note cards. All this is available to the general public.


The second part is a complete genealogy of the Cozad family (based on the census published in 1930; the 1940 census is still not complete) 40 years of work my Marilyn Cozad and Marsha Pilger, dates back to 1500 and the birth of Jacques Cossart from the Normandy Coast.  (Mary Cassatt was was a cousin of Robert Henri, however he never acknowledged this.)  We have this complete genealogy availible for research and viewing in the museum thanks to Marilyn Cozad.


This information is also available to the public at anytime. So come in and learn something!





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