Robert Henri's Story

Robert Henry Cozad was born to John and Theresa Cozad in, we now believe, Spence's Station, which later became Cozaddale, Ohio. John founded the town of Cozaddale in 1871. Between 1872 and 1873 John founded and settled in Cozad, Nebraska.

In their youth, Henri and his brother John Jr. only lived in Cozad during the summers and attended the Chickering Classical and Scientific Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The family lived in Cozad for approximately ten years until an altercation with a local rancher, resulting in the death of the rancher, necessitating the family to assume new identities. Mr. Cozad became Richard Henry Lee, Mrs. Cozad became Tessa Lee, John Anthony Cozad became Frank Southrn (correct spelling) and Robert became Robert Henri (pronounced Hen-rye).
Fearing for his life, John J. Cozad left town the night of the shooting in October 1882. John Jr. was already in Colorado conducting family hay business so Robert and Theresa remained in Cozad long enough to sell the family home in 1883 to Stephen Hendee.
Mr. & Mrs. Lee and their sons (who they said were adopted nephews) eventually all reunited in Atlantic City, NJ where Mr. Lee had purchased property on the Boardwalk. The oldest son then went to medical school and Robert enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
Through the years Henri studied at several institutions and become a renowned artist, art teacher and author (The Art Spirit). His influence on art in America greatly impacted art – he introduced impressionism to America. This museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of Robert Henri through vast research material, the museum which was his home for a time and more original sketches housed here than any other place in the United States.
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    Robert Henri

    Considered one of America's greatest art teachers, painters, head of The Eight and the style of painting which was referred to as the Ashcan style of art.  

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    John Jackson Cozad

    Robert Henri's father, John Cozad, was a gambler and real-estate developer responsible for founding the town of Cozad, Nebraska in 1872-73.

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    Theresa Gatewood Cozad

    Robert Henri's mother.

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    John Anthony Cozad

    Robert Henri's brother.

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