Terry Tomlinson

Former Artist of the Month
About This Artwork

Art is a form seeking a place to exist. Art grows in the heart and imagination of the artist who births it into being. My goal as an artist is to birth the images, colors, and shapes into existence so that others may share in Arts’ beauty.

I am a sculptor, painter, engineer, and historian. I fell in love with historic forms of art and design many years ago. I particularly enjoy the ancient process of wax replacement in sculpture, which may date as far back as 8,000 years. I also enjoy the process of fresco, made famous by such brilliant artists and sculptors as Giotto di Bondone, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli.

My absolute joy is to combine both elements by actually sculpting the images in fresh plaster, thus creating a three dimensional or bas-relief image. Some images require significant time and may become “secco-fresco,” or dried plaster, in which case the water-based hues do not actually seep into the plaster and only become a surface based shell just like any other form of painting.

Whether sculpting in modeling clay, foam, plaster, cement; turning a form into bronze, or painting on the sculpted image – I am always taken by the response of viewers when they discover that the shadows they thought were so intricately painted turn out to be actual shadows which move with a change of perspective and light.

I hope you enjoy the images!

Terry C Tomlinson