Pamela Casarez


Pamela Casarez
405 13th Street
Greeley, CO 80631
Ph 260.438.3048

Former Artist in Residence, Former Artist of the Month
About This Artwork

My artistic journey was launched among the cornfields and woodlands of Indiana where I was born and raised. Painting the landscapes of my home state connected me with my family history as well as providing me the incentive to explore the parks, back roads that otherwise would have remained hidden from me. The curiosity that developed during the early years of my art career has propelled me forward into new territories.

After a series of life changing events I choose to return to school to further my understanding of artistic theory and history. During my graduate studies my focus was on visually interpreting the changes mass media have brought to our understanding of self. The immersion of my time and energy into studying trans humanism, our slippage into an electronically dependent society and other post-modern issues left me longing for connections to organic experiences.

A series of road trips in 2014 through 2016 brought the needed inspiration for my latest series of paintings. The back roads of the United States from Michigan to Washington State, from Indiana to Texas gave up their secrets along the way. The vistas hidden from view if speeding from place to place along the interstate were revealed when the blacktop was left behind in favor of gravel.

After graduation a move from Michigan to Colorado further refined the focus of my work. Painting landscapes of my new region connects me to my new home. The lush greens of Indiana and Michigan have been replaced by red rock formations, mountain vistas, and prairie overgrown with sagebrush. I find the changes both inspirational and overwhelming. The addition of grazing animals helps me find commonality between the to two environments. I hope that the viewer is encouraged to explore his or her own set of back roads. In exploration is wonder ignited and in wonder the imagination takes flight.