Cory Koch

Former Artist of the Month
About This Artwork

For me, image taking and image making are often comparable to attempting to preserve a fragment of a dream upon waking. One must record the moment before it fades away. A common theme of much of my work is capturing the beauty and complexity of the aging process, with a focus on colors and textures. I see old rusting vehicles, abandoned homes, and other objects as a metaphor for the human experience of getting older.

Creating images of vanishing relics of Americana, gives an extended life to those objects and the stories and lives connected with them.

When I have completed the digital image, it is then infused into a sheet of aluminum, which often allows available light to create a translucent luminance, which adds a new dimension to the work.

My life experience is enriched by the story that each image communicates. I hope the viewer of my work will share in this experience.