Featured Artist Programs

Program Descriptions
Artist of the Month
 A contemporary artist’s work will be on display during various months (July, Aug, Sept.)
 The artist will be entitled to an opening reception.
 Any articles of art sold during the month of exhibit will have an 80% commission to the
artist and 20% commission to the museum.
 The artist will be responsible for delivery and pick up of the artwork on display.

 The program runs from June 12 to June 23.
 Lodging will be provided for the artist.
 The artist will receive a stipend of $500.
 The artist will be entitled to welcoming reception.
 The artist will be required to teach art classes to students of all ages.
 The artist is expected to participate in the Robert Henri Arts Festival and be available at
the museum for the general public to visit.
 Any articles of art sold during the month of exhibit will have a 70% commission to the
artist and 30% commission to the museum.
Other Artist Opportunities at the Henri
 Robert Henri Arts Festival: June 23, 2018. Demonstrate and sell your artwork as we
celebrate Robert Henri’s birthday.
 CHS Reunion Art Show: Artists who graduated from Cozad High School in a year ending
in 8 are eligible to display their artwork in September, 2018. Classes include 1938, ‘48,
’58, ’68, ’78, ’88, ’98, and ’08.

Artist of the Month Applicants:
Please include an Artist Statement and 3-5 pictures of sample work.

Artist-in-Residence Applicants:
Please include the following:
 Artist Statement
 Resume
 Sample Work: 3-5 Pictures
 Additional Documents (optional): recommendations, relevant press or publications, etc.

If you have any questions please contact Caroline Gaudreault, Executive Director:
(308)529-1442, rhenri@cozadtel.net.